Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kids and Camels - King's Academy Comes to Disi!

This past weekend, I was visited by a group of students and teachers from King's Academy, the co-ed boarding school located in northern Jordan and based on Deerfield Academy. HMK Abdullah II's high school alma mater.  The King's Academy visit was a busy one - activities included a camel ride with Abu Motloq, a jeep tour of the desert and lunch with local students to plan a joint community service project to be carried out in Disi Village in April!  Photos courtesy of Ms. Joan Fox, King's Academy Faculty Member.

Evening at Um Al Bdoun Eco Camp

Ms. Joan and Stephen enjoy a camel trek!

Planning a service project for Disi Village

Abu Motloq prepares tea

Stephen gets up close and personal with the desert!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another (albeit slower) Season Begins!

The current unrest facing many of Jordan's neighbors, unfortunately, has negative implications for tourism in the region as many people cancel their vacations due to concerns over possible instability.  Fortunately for us, Jordan remains the calm in the storm and the government is quick to address the requests of its people.

My first guests of the new season, Kato and Norihito, from Tokyo, spent the night in Wadi Rum and then enjoyed one of the special activities in the desert - a ride in the microlight!  A microlight is a small propeller run two-seated glider.  Soaring over the desert in the early morning allows for some amazing views - but don't forget to dress warmly!

Norihito, Kato, Jord - the pilot