Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nearly Two Years of Silence

Nearly two years since my last blog post.  A good thing, I suppose, as on-line silence has meant off-line adventures!  In the past two years so much has happened.  I travelled to India and Nepal, Sinai and the West Bank, led and supported five courses for Where There Be Dragons and sat quietly in the southern Jordanian desert.  I've just returned to upstate New York to rest for a few months before the adventure continues.  After the New Year, I'll return to southern Jordan to re-dedicate myself to the creation of a space that will allow for people to come from all corners of the world to retreat, contemplate and enjoy the silence of the desert.  More information to follow... meanwhile, enjoy some images from the past few years :)

Full Moon, October 2011

Camel Race, October 2012
by Fil Kostanecki

Desert trekking, September 2012
by Fil Kostanecki

Desert Clean Up, October 2012

Tweisi village, southern Jordan, January 2013

Bozenkill Valley, New York, May 2013