Thursday, November 28, 2013

A New Look ... A New Name ... A New Adventure

In 2009, as I ventured off into the world of educational tourism, my godmother suggested that I start a blog as a means of advertising.  I posted fairly consistently to South Jordan Sojourn for two years before life took over.  Now after some thought and re-evaluation, I have decided to re-name the blog as a means of more accurately portaying the work that I find myself doing in the world.  For many years, I've supported the external exploration of the world and its beauty. More and more, however, I find myself supporting the internal exploration of those around and have found that the concept of pilgrimage fits nicely with what I find myself doing.  A pilgrimage is a journey of faith through an external world that allows for better understanding of one's inner self and things that are greater than that self.  Off we go!  :)

Erjud al Matalga, southern Jordan

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