Sunday, May 4, 2014

Marhaba Ya Uhti

I wore niqab for the first time during the four hour ride by shared taxi from Amman to Aqaba.  I arrived to Amman’s south bus station shortly after dark.  Clad in a cream colored scarf and niqab, I presented as an educated, yet devout woman – possibly travelling for work or family reasons. 

Marhaba ya uhti,” the driver spoke softly to me – using a polite tone and a greeting appropriate to an uht (sister) – applied to a woman in recognition of her devotion to Islamic practice. 

“Would you like to sit in front?” he continued.  I nodded quietly – accepting the offer of a seat which would ostensibly allow me to relax at a distance from the other (male) passengers.

This was the first shared taxi ride from Amman to the south in which I was asked no personal questions, offered no cigarettes and treated with complete deference by all present.

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