Thursday, October 20, 2011

Exploring Pharaoh's Island

A few months ago, a friend who works for Sindbad, Aqaba's premier company for enjoying the Red Sea (cruises, water sports, ferries), asked me whether I'd be interested in promoting their work.  A conversation ensued and we came up with the idea of an overnight cruise to Pharaoh's Island, off the coast of Egypt across the gulf from Aqaba.  Named for Ramses II, who is purported to have built its original fort, Pharaoh's Island played a strategic role in protecting the Cairo-Damascus route during the Crusades.  It is now home to a renovated citadel, built by Saladin in the 12th century.  I had a chance to visit the island last week - it was an amazing experience - the citadel was fascinating to explore and the snorkelling off the reefs that surround the island was among the best I have experienced.

Northern Citadel, Pharaoh's Island
Aboard Aladdin

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  1. What an amazing experience, Alena! How are you going to be promoting their work? Brilliant photography as well. Cheers