Friday, October 7, 2011

The Luxury is the Difference

A few weeks ago, I was asked by a friend who edits a luxury magazine to come up with the 'most opulent' possibilities for luxury camping in Wadi Rum.  Frankly speaking, I have been waiting for years for this request!  My mind instantly shot into high gear as I began to envision private camel races, rides in the King's helicopter and an on-call astronomy expert, who would act as a guide to the night sky.  I also did a poll of my best guides, Suleiman Sabbah, Salah Radi and Harb Salem, to see how they would create a truly luxurious experience of their desert homes.  Each came up with his own unique plan - incorporating elements such as candle light, night time jeep tours and gourmet desert cuisine.

As Harb and I drove out into the desert to visit his private camp, we discussed the concept of luxury in the desert.  As always, he provided valuable insight - pointing out that for most of his clients, the luxury of the desert was the difference in the experience between their home and his.  'When I make barbeque with my own hands, when I serve them tea that I have made over the fire... that is the luxury... because they are my guests and that is a unique experience of my world."

Harb's Desert Camp

View from the Front Entrance

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