Wednesday, March 3, 2010

English All the Time!

I am working on a project with Mr. Ahmad Jaradat, School Supervisor - English, at the Directorate of Education in Aqaba to promote use of the English language in local schools. This week is English language week and every morning a different school holds their morning activities in the English language.

This morning at Queen Zein As Sharaf School for Girls, students praised the King and recited excerpts from the Qura’an and the Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Mohammed) in Arabic. Short speeches were given in English on a variety of topics including: Jordan’s constitution, the life of His Majesty Abdullah II, the history of the school, the local marine and terrestrial environments, traffic, public health and the Aqaba House, which many students have had the opportunity to visit over the past week. It was wonderful to see such active use of the English language. The speeches were followed by a short quiz – audience members who answered questions correctly were rewarded for their listening skills with a small prize.

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