Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First Guests in the Private Camp

Last night Jody and Nigel Smith joined me as the first guests in Harb and Motloq's new private desert camp. We were the only guests in the camp and enjoyed a private dinner and plenty of tea around the campfire. After sunset, Harb joined us and we heard the tale of the courtship of Khalaf Al Ithin, a Bedouin warrior famed for his courage and bravery. In the morning, we trekked around Hassany Mountain, investigating the local plant and wildlife. Spring has arrived in the desert - the tamarisk is in bloom and we saw a multitude of lizards, beetles and the tracks of pigeons and the ever present, ever reliable camels. Sayed, Abu Ahad and Ali Audeh (who are much sweeter than they look!), pictured below, made our stay in the desert particularly enjoyable.

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