Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zarb at Cousin Ali's

Yesterday, a group from the British Embassy visit Wadi Rum. As their driver was a Disi local, we were all invited to his cousin's house for zarb. Zarb is a traditional Bedouin meal that is served to honor guests to one's home. In the past, zarb was made in a hole in the ground or in small caves in the mountains packed tightly with mud and sand. Today, zarb is usually made in an iron barrel set into a hole in the ground. First, wood is burned to create charcoal. Then, spiced meat, chicken and vegetables are placed on an iron tray. The tray is placed in the barrel and the barrel is sealed and buried in the sand for three hours. The barrel's contents bake in their juices and once the meal is uncovered, guests enjoy a truly delicious meal!

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